One of the newer controls added to the platform is the Image Control. The Image Control allows for uploading and storing of images in an Attribute, but more importantly the ability to draw and make comments on the pictures.

Currently when using the control, the app will display a warning message "Working with images is unavailable while on mobile."

This would be a very powerful and useful function in the new Field Service Mobile App (2020 Dynamics based). The functionality enables technicians on-site to make notes on schematics and pictures during installation or service calls which can be stored on the Customer Asset level for future reference.

In addition, in case the work on-site could not be completed, the technicians can provide additional details by adding notes to the images and schematics. This can often save precious time when evaluating the Work Order for the follow-up process.
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Adding ability to draw/annotate on images before adding a note would be a massive help.

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Category: Field Service