Or Field Service customers often ask how to set something like this up: Incident Type A monthly Additionally Inc Type B every quarter Additionally Inc Type C every year So that a yearly maintenance job consists of Inc Type A,B and C but a monthly job contains only A. Another example: If you have a monthly maintenance and a yearly for the same Customer/Asset/Location, how to set that up? Today you either need a) to create a monthly Agreement Booking Setup, than delete each 12th Agreement Booking Date AND create another yearly Agreement Booking Setup. OR b) create for each month a different Agreement Booking Setup or another even stranger logic (every 2. month plus x ...) b) isn't really nice and a) doesn't always stay consistant. There are some cases where all Agreement Booking Dates that haven't been processed (WO not generated) are deleted and recreated again from scratch: - change the pre- post booking flexibility - add a Custom Date in Booking Recurrence dialog - Add preferred start time - extend duration of Agreement (postpone Agreement.'End Date') - ... Both of the ways aren't how a customer would want to set up Agreements.

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Interestingly, this is something we've been discussing as part of our roadmap; however, we do not currently have concrete plans to implement it. Anything you can do to get this idea more votes will help us increase the priority of this feature in future planning discussions.

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