Currently, if any products is blocked (set as "Stopped" in Default order settings > Sales tab/ made inactive on sales), the retail statements are not posted automatically through the retail statement post batch job. The user has to manually intervene and post the statements manually by overriding the blocked products. The overriding functionality is available in standard retail statement Post button.

As the number of stores increase by the day, there could be multiple situations where a product is asked to be removed from the shelf due to bad quality/ customer complaints in the middle of the day, and hence the product is made inactive in the system in order to avoid any further selling through POS. However, if the cashier has sold the product earlier in the day prior to the blocking, this will come as sales in the night time batch job of retail statement posting. Since the product is blocked, the statements do not go through in the batch job and the user needs to manually post these statements. This is an extremely time consuming activity especially if the store count is 100+ and the volume of sales is high.

Hence, a checkbox should be provided in Commerce parameters > Posting section, as "Auto post statements with blocked products". Based on this checkbox made as yes, the statements must post through the retail statement post batch job without failing because of blocked products. It will save a lot of time for Finance and IT departments in order to ensure the statements are posted without any hiccups and manual intervention.
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Thank you for the idea!  We will consider this in our product backlog and update the status of your idea if/when it becomes a planned or completed feature!