For production environments, we do not have access restarting a service or executing an IISRESET. In some situations we do need this in order to resolve an issue.

A possible solution would be to add the option to IISRESET or AOS Restart to the 'SysUsersOnline' form. Or to LCS.

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Thank you for your feedback. 

We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason: Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is a SaaS service and Microsoft is responsible for managing your production environments. We have a watchdog service that takes care of restarting IIS if and when there are issues and alerting the right stakeholders if it needs to be investigated further. Having said that, we do give customers the ability to restart services on their sandbox environments. Refere to the documentation here






Also no option is available from within 'LCS' to simply shut down or re-start a production machine. Eventhough in some situations, it might be really usefull to be able to stop and start the entire environment. For example when one of the services is stuck.

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This will be even more so important to do if we no longer get local admin on non-PROD instances. We need to be able to reset IIS to salvage the system from halt situations. 

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