If I power off the VM from the Azure Portal, the Deployment status in the LCS portal remains as Deployed – meaning Running. However, when we power off / Stop the VM directly from the LCS portal, it displays correctly ‘Stopped’. Initially, we thought there was some sort of delay with the API mechanism being used in the backend (between Azure and LCS portal), yet we monitored the status for 24+ hours and it remained the same ‘Deployed'.

As a workaround (not ideal), to power on the VM from the LCS portal - we need to click the Stop button, wait 30-60 sec for the status to change, and then click the Start button.

As we planning to shut down these VMs during off business hours to reduce cost, It’ll be great if we can get this feature working as designed.
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Hello. This is most probably a duplicate, check this link: https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=19e74d08-fa1d-e711-80c0-00155d4616d6

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