Wish we future feature the option to easily convert sales orders per units of community or units of beneficiaries targets. Not featuring sales order conversion units as per targeting communities beneficiaries, we may not be in potential compliance with social responsibility, or consumer behavior potential strategies (e.g. market, or customer loyalty) for purpose to comply with market or prospect-customer reach population.

Featuring potential sales order concessions units as per community beneficiaries factors of reach, maybe potential helpful when dashboard generating grand total of beneficiaries expectations from issued customer sales orders, sales order quotes, prognosis, confirmations, etc..
Ideas Administrator

Many thanks for your suggestion. In order for Microsoft to correctly assess and understand your CRM & Compliance related suggestion, we however ask that you provide a few specific scenarioes related to your request. Thanks in advance for providing this additional information allowing us to correctly assess and understand your suggestion. 



REMARK: Potential eligible example visualize an investment project the number of participants and the number of potential eligible beneficiaries including families consumers targets or communities participants.

Category: Sales and marketing