Copy functionality does not work in Purchase Requisitions. "Invalid Vendor" error is thrown. It is known that until a primary vendor is associated with an item or trade agreements are not set up, copy will not be successful.

Prices, discounts and line charges are recalculated based on trade and purchase agreements, when the purpose of copy is Consumption.


Copy functionality should be allowed as there are many customers who may not want to associate any particular vendor with any item. There are many instances where a particular item is not supplied from a specific vendor. Just a copy will need to associate different vendor every time, which is a tedious thing to do. There should also be a freedom to not set up trade agreements as many organizations may not find this functionality necessary for their business.

Hence, when purpose of copy is Consumption, copy functionality should work even if there is no primary vendor associated to a particular item or trade agreements are set up.

Ideas Administrator

We are pleased to announce that this idea was implemented and released in 10.0.29