PO will have multiple levels of workflow approvals .

The actual HSN/SAC code may change that is filled by Purchase team and Finance team will need to change it before Invoice posting

For changing it it is not possible to edit the PO again and go through workflows again

referance lcs link https://fix.lcs.dynamics.com/Issue/Details?bugId=548727&dbType=3&qc=b117015a2afdd9fcf09b4214299ef903fb0ccaffcae55d5f77634c6aa8c9b0e0
Category: Tax
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This is a logical requirement. For example, HSN code may differ which is selected in the purchase order vs given by the vendor in his invoice and the change must be done without going through workflow circle, as there is no change in material, price, discount. Thus this functionality must be provided.

Category: Tax