In D365FO Electronic Reporting/Business Documents using Excel/Word templates it is not possible to keep lines together at printing a document with multiple pages. The problem is that for example an invoice line never has the same number of related table rows, because information like external item descriptions, notes, inventory dimensions, etc. is only printed (dynamically) when available in the specific invoice line. So, often the lines are split in the middle printing one half of the line information on the first page and the other half on the next page.

Even with all kinds of business user-unfriendly tricks to try solving this issue, you can not make it work...

It would be great if this functionality could be added to the ER format functionality! For example it could be a "Don't split" or "Keep cells/subranges together" option on the so called Excel range in the ER format configuration.
Ideas Administrator

This idea will be released in 2022 Release Wave 1