According to MS standard documentation:
The following types of invoice documents are supported and will be populated automatically:
• TD01 - Invoice
• TD04 - Credit note
• TD05 - Debit note
• TD20 - Self-invoice
If a required document type is not covered by the values from the list then it can be manually adjusted in the invoice journals.

This solution is time consuming and highly inefficient since it requires to go back to the posted invoice to input the right Document type. There is also a high chance for the user to forget to input the value and this will result in wrong communication to the Italian tax authority. This attribution should be automated, for the document type where this is possible (for example when the information is already in the system or when it is possible to set up at a higher level, eg. TD02; TD27; TD26) and for the cases where this is not possible, the system should let the user decide the Document type before posting the invoice. Attachments: (0KB)
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Thank you for your feedback.

The idea has been implemented in 2021 Release Wave 2, included into Monthly Updates starting from version 10.0.21.

See the details in the Microsoft Docs article: Vendor electronic invoices - Finance | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs


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Hi Microsoft team,
Do you have any feedback on roadmap release for this topic?

Thank you

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Thank you, I adding just an information: form 01 January2021 this new kind of tax document type will be applied. Lets us know when you consider to release the feature.

Category: Globalization - Regulatory features