With the modern client, we have lost the ability to have printer selections. can we please have this back? Currently, it prompts you for each printer for each report. This report will always be printing to this printer and that report will always print to that printer.

Case examples:

Packing Labels to zebra printer.
Packing Slip to a letter printer.

Checks to a dedicated printer printing checks with check stock. Remitance or all other reports print to the normal printer.

I know you can setup chrome is Kiosk mode but that only supports 1 printer. In the case of posting shipment that prints the label to the zebra printer and then prints the packing slip to the shipping computer, that would not work.

Thank you.
Ideas Administrator

Good news! We released this feature as part of the functionality in Enable non-interactive printing in the cloud.
Please refer to the following link for more information:
Best regards,
Blazej Kotelko
Program Manager, Microsoft



This needs to be sorted on BC15 on premises as well.
It is going to cause me massive issues on my current Warehousing Implementation

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