Improve Kitting in WMS module. In sale orders when we selling Items for e.g. furniture (cabinet, wardrobe) which is The Set with different parts. Sometimes this parts are already half-completed in packages (like IKEA). We sale one Item, but different parts/SKU are in different places. The WMS logic must split this ITEM for real stored SKU, but NOT SPLITED for SO.

It should be able to choose a method of picking and packing for sets. Sometimes we must pick:

- whole parts for all ordered quantity, we pick parts in units but we do not make a composition for set (no assembling sets only collect all parts).

- full set as a separate package –we collect all parts for one full set in one package/container/LP at the same time one by one SKU's (similar as cluster picking – each full set is a different container/LP but it is still going to one Customer). We can configure works, that for each full set we create separate work or for each group or SKU’s we generate separate work (storage in different areas).

For e.g. we order 12 ea. of some wardrobe. One have paired sides, 1 back, 7 shelfs and a pair of doors. We have 4 different SKU.
- In first scenario we pick 12x1 Pair of sides, 12x1 Back, 12x7 shelf, 12x1 pairs of doors.

- In second scenario we generate work with 12 containers a we pick 12 times Pair of sides - each one direct to proper container, 12 times 1 Back - each one direct to proper container etc. to collect whole sets to 12 containers.

On Packing station we need to have “instruction of packing” The Set, especially in second scenario, when whole sale order are collected at the same time by more than one picker and we must pack full set, each one in separate container.

Also sets that have parts, should be seen on sale order form, analogic like in production, that we can see availability for all parts/SKU and make reservation on parts.

Packing slip and Invoice should be on default for SET Item (one line) not for SET parts, but picking list, and others sipping documents can have option to show SET’s parts.

Now we must change it manually on sale order and we see all parts, reserve all parts and see parts on all documents.

The same problem is with returning of sets. In WMS we need to decompose this sets and register parts one by one, but confirmation of RMA is for full set. Sometimes when we sell for e.g. 7 sets, and RMS is for 7, but parts are only for 6 and one is incomplete (some parts are lost).

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Thank you for your feedback. Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.



Mirza Abdic'

Senior PM, Microsoft



Agree to the requirement but not to interested in seeing this built on top of Retail kits. My suggestion would be more to base it on a BOM like structure and enable the assembly of the Kit as a warehouse operation - basically a picking option:

- If a matching kit can be reserved, pick the kit
- If there is no reservable onhand, pick the components to build the kit

We also need the capability to ship more than one package for a sales order line (the Ikea Principle) - but invoice the original sales order line.

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I agree with Anders above. In our environment, we can sell a kit or its components separately. A Customer should be able to order a kit but the pick list needs to print the components as well (only allow picks for items that have all of the components available). It would be good if the invoice posted inventory transactions at the component level as that is how we plan. I think it would be limiting to restrict this to only being available through WMS

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I believe there is another post considering Kitting for Hobart. The other post relates to the discontinued 3rd party product from AXtention for Kitting. Illinois Tool Works has a business using AXtention Kitting and eBECS is writing a customization to enable that business to upgrade to D365FO. And, there are at least 2 other large ITW business in the process of evaluating D365FO that need Kitting also. Hobart in the Food Equipment Segment and Miller Welding.

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Would love to have retail kits without the need to assemble, use a kit line on order, perhaps automatically expand or keep as kit and then pick item by item. A special type of retail kit.

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