Dynamics need to be able to integrate social media platforms' native data without posting from within Dynamics. Because the software is so incredibly limited, it damages the analytics and only reports what they have posted within the application, sometimes not even that. It should not need a 3rd party integration to bring in all the data. Also, dynamics need to be expanded to mimic the social media platform options for posting because it limits the company using it by not being able to access all the posting features they may normally use or need to use for post visibility on the platform. This is especially a hindrance for smaller companies like co-ops that have less staff and need more automation. Fixing this would be a game-changer for dynamics. My current co-op is piloting the program for co-ops and I would love to speak to someone directly about what changes need to be made for it to truly work for social media marketing.

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Thank you for your feedback. As announced in July (Transition to real-time marketing and transform your Customer Experience - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog) we are not planning further enhanchements to outbound marketing capabilities.