Since 01/01/2020 it's a legal requirement in Austria to report the consignment stock to the fiscal authorities.
As I know that consignment stock is not supported in Dynamics NAV, there should nevertheless be the opportunity to post the relevant fields to Finance (G/L Entries and VAT Entries).
Therefore 2 new fields are necessary to post
1. Type of Consignment (Code field)
2. VAT Reg. No. of Origin (Code Field like VAT Reg. No.)

This fields should be reported in Report 11108.

Anita Rusek
Cosmo Consult AT
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please help us by elaborating more on the desired fields and how they should be used?

Please reach out directly to me on the email below. 


Søren Alexandersen
Program Manager, Microsoft 


no, this is not possible with a simple customizing as BC does not manage consignment stocks.
The new Vies-declaration is needed by all customers having consignment stocks in an other EU country

Category: Financial Management

i don't think, that this is needed in BC standard.
that can be handled by a simple customization.

Category: Financial Management