We are stumbling upon the following issue:

E-mails that were sent to both myself and a couple of colleagues of mine are being tracked in Dynamics 365, but the 'tracked' label is only visible for the user that actually tracked the e-mail himself.
When I look at the exact same e-mail in Outlook (which I know has been tracked in Dynamics), the Dynamics App for Outlook tells me the e-mail has NOT been tracked. Right now I can only see the tracking label on my own tracked e-mails.

It would be great if the App for Outlook always displays the correct tracking label, no matter who tracked it. This would save a lot of time and would give all users the necessary insights that you need to work together in a CRM system.
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This is a MAJOR barrier and the top complaint from our users. Why wasn't this functionality carried over from the CRM for Outlook add-in??????

Category: Email Management and Outlook Integration