The customer unable to post the intercompany purchase order invoice in the DEMF legal entity, as getting sales tax rounding issue. While posting the purchase order invoice getting the below error message.
Error: “Customer invoice in company DEMF = 11.98, purchase is updated with 12.00.”

Repro steps:

1. Log in to USMF Select the Vendor account – DE-1001 --> General tab --> Intercompany.

2. Trading relationship --> Activation set to Yes --> Purchase relation USMF and vendor account DE-1001.
Sales relation --> Customer company DEMF --> My account set to DE-017.

3. Go to Sales order policies --> Set below paraments.

4. Go to Sales Value mapping --> Set “Our” for all

5. Log in to DEMF legal entity --> Tax Module --> Sales tax code --> InVAT19--> set Rounding precision 0.10.

6. Go to Sales tax Group --> AP-DOM --> Set Rounding by Sales tax code combinations -->And add the sales tax code InVAT19

7. Go to Item sales Tax group --> FULL --> Add the sales tax code InVAT19

8. Log in to USMF legal entity -->Accounts Receivable --> Orders --> Sales Orders --> Create sales order with customer US-020

9. Select the Item D0001 --> Quantity 3--> And Select the Delivery type “Direct Delivery”

10. Click on Sourcing tab in the line details --> Click on Sourcing vendor drop down

11. Select All in the drop down.

12. Select the Vendor account DE-1001

13. Once we select the Sourcing vendor account the Sourcing company DEMF will be automatically updated --> Then Save the Sales order.

14. Once we save the sales order the system showing below message.
Intercompany sales order usmf000787 has been created
Purchase order 00000102 has been created.

15. Go to General Tab --> Click Related orders

1. Here we can see both sales order and purchase order.

16. Log in to DEMF legal entity--> Accounts Receivable --> Orders--> Sales orders Filter with usmf000787

17. Open the sales order --> Enter the unit price 3

18. Go to Header --> Setup --> Set to yes the price include sales tax parameter

19. Go to Setup tab under line details --> Select the Item sales tax group “Full” and Sales tax Group AP-DOM --> Click on Sales tax tab

20. Here we can see the calculated sales tax.

21. Go to Pick and pack tab --> Complete the “Packing list” and “Packing list generation” process --> Post the packing slip.

22. Go to Invoice Tab --> Invoice Click on ok.

23. While trying to post the Sales order invoice system throwing bellow error message.

“Customer invoice in company DEMF = 8.96, purchase is updated with 9.00.”
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