Customer Ship goods from the Stores.
DOM functionality was activated to optimize process of selecting origin place from which goods can be shipped.
In Shipment goods in Order fulfillment functionality there is no evidence of this transaction like:
- Receipt document printed in POS
- Retail transaction registered in POS

There is legal requirement in Pakistan when goods are Shipped to customer there should be attached any receipt document.
This document can be used later on as an evidence to return products.

1. On Sales Receipt it is a legal requirement that it should contain Item ID, Discount, Total Amount and Sales Tax applied. Without it no document can be dispatched for Sales.
2. Without the Physical Invoice receipt, the customer will not be able to collect Withholding Tax from Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). This can cause a real headache for us.
3. Even if there is no legal requirement, dispatching/ shipping an item without physical evidence is against audit rules. Every sales must have a corresponding document which specifies Item Sold, Quantities and Price etc. If we do not provide it to the customer, he can misrepresent the goods received.

I genuinely believe that this is a must have feature without which this functionality is non-usable. Please have it incorporated as I cannot think of a scenario where Sales Receipt is not required with the Shipped / Dispatched goods.

Repro steps:
1. Generate Sales order in Call center
2. Run DOM, and there is selected Store’s warehouse from which goods should be Shipped
3. Go to Order fulfillment option in POS and find proper Sales order
4. Pick it, Pack it
5. Press button Ship
6. There is not printed any Receipt document and retail transaction is not registered
Goods are physically shipped from Stores Warehouse but there is no evidence for it.
User can print Packing slip document but it not Receipt with unique numbers.
Needs Votes