When working with production orders and advanced warehousing, one creates warehouse work when one releases the production order. But in case of shortage , no materials are available at all, no work is created at all. But the wave is. If I solve my shortage and want to release again, I get an error that there is already a wave for my prod order. I have to delete this prod wave first before proceeding. SUGGESTION: if the release to warehousing does not result in any work, do not create that prod wave either. Seems to have no sense to create this wave and then let it sit in status 'created". I can not pick up this old wave for my next release .Roll back the entire process, in other words.

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Thank you for your feedback. We released this feature as part of the functionality in Dynamics D365.



Johan Hoffmann

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Adding more fuel to this. If you do partial release of a prod order, and you do not realize there is an unprocessed wave there from a previous release that failed, you will get the quantities on that wave, not the quantity that you release. We were stumped by this but now the explanation is there. The programming should be finished and a wave that is sitting in created status should be deleted instantly when I do a new Release to WHS of my production order.

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Perhaps just automatically delete the wave if no work is created.

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