Would like to see some navigation attention brought to the 'New Engineering Product' panel. When populating the Mandatory/Optional Engineering Attributes the list of attributes refreshes each time. you can 'tab' through the fields using the tab key as it jumps all over the form, with EPCs that have many attributes it is challenging to ensure all the fields have been populated because of the erratic behavior.

Ideas Administrator

Thanks for your input! We have investigated the issue described in this idea and found that the tabbing in the form is indeed working as expected (as in the rest of the forms):

Use tab to move in between controls. For example, from the item number to the product number to the attributes. 

Use right arrows to move between the attribute and its value.

Use down arrows to move between attributes or attribute values: to move from one attribute to the below one, or between one attribute value and the below attribute value. This way, you can manually enter the attribute values just using keyboard.


Beatriz Nebot Gracia



A sensible and useful functional add.

Category: Product Information Management