When performing a report as finsh flow on the mobile device the remaining quantity of the production order is always suggested.
Isn't it better to leave the quantity blanc and to let the operator define how much he is about to report?
In most of the cases a production order is reported in several times per LP for example. Or also the quantity of a production order can be different than the initial quantity.
The procedure is to delete and update the quantity every time.
It should be better to leave the quantity blanc and let the operator define the quantity to report instead of suggesting a quantity that needs to be updated every time;

Another remark is that once you report as finish a quantity (for example 1 LP), you need to enter or scan the production order again.
It should be more interesting to keep the flow on the same production order and to be able to return back to the quantity screen to report another License plate for the same production order again. Only when the operator decides to leave the menu by a button the flow returns to the screen to scan or enter the production order.
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Even though we can setup the default quantity on the item it is true that the suggested quantity takes production order remaining quantity into account. When we produce more than the started quantity the proposed quantity is 0; could we have a setup to always display default quantity from the item instead?

Category: Warehouse Management