I am suggesting a way to open entity in a different tab if user clicks on any lookup record or subgrid from same page. I know i can do this through windows navigation rule but for every page that has to be opened i will have to write a different navigation rule with different hosted controls and almost similar configuration.

Let me explain this idea in detail.

I have a requirement where in my PhoneCall page there are many subgrids and lookup fields. Upon clicking on those records a new entity is being displayed on the same tab where my PhoneCall page is opened. Now to open the record in a different tab i can write my Windows Navigation Rule and a Hosted Control and that will work fine, Perfect!. But the issue is I will have to write so many Windows Navigation Rules and Hosted Controls to cater all my subgrids and lookup records. The problem with this approach is that in future if I have any other subgrid or lookup field comes in then I will have to write another Windows Navigation rule to cater it.

My suggestion is if we are opening a record from the same page then this approach should be dynamic enough where I will have to write a single navigation rule and a hosted control to open whatever record is clicked from within my PhoneCall or any page for that matter.
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