Currently, in Business Central version there is no existing financial functionality for posting and deleting simulation G/L entries like the previous versions of Dynamics NAV.

But this type of functionality is very important for posting new G/L entries (not definitive entry) without impact to local accounting standard of the company.

In fact, it's very usefull to have this feature for creating and printing G/L detailed trial balance and accounts schedules including simulation entries for sending them quickly to consolidator.

For Business Central accountants, G/L posting preview is used for checking G/L data integrity before posting but does not provide a relevant solution for posting other entries types in G/L for consolidation considerations or others financials GAAP reporting by using G/L detailed trial balance, dimension analysis views and accounts schedules.
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Thank you for this suggestion! Currently this is not on our roadmap. We are tracking this idea and if it gathers more votes and comments we will consider it in the future.

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Once again we have a French auditor who is asking that this functionality be reintegrated into Business Central.

I think this issue must necessarily be known to the customers of other Microsoft partners, knowing that it is related to French accounting regulations.

I'm surprised that we're the only ones to report this anomaly.

If not, it is recommended that the other partners vote for this suggestion

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