Scenario: An item was bought on promotion. After the promotion has ended, the customer comes to the store to exchange the variant of the same master product (Size, Colour). The retailer would like to register this exchange in variant without asking the customer to pay the full price. Current Functionality: Assuming the return was completed by scanning the receipt, the returned item is at the discounted price. The new exchange item (replacement) would be shown at full price and a price override to match the price would be required. It would be great if POS recognised it was the same item (e.g. maybe a different size of the same master product), and ask the user if they want to price match the exchanged item.

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Thank you for this great feature suggestion! We will continue to monitor the votes and feedback here to determine its consideration and prioritization on our future roadmap. - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager for Dynamics 365 Commerce