The problem with the entity mappings is that there are 3 ways to generate mappings:

1- Refresh data entities - Will refresh metadata for existing entities in the DMFEntity table but will not redo the mapping. (This seems by design to avoid overwriting existing custom entity mappings)
2- Generate mapping with start from scratch will do that for the specific entity
3- Generate mapping keeping existing, will keep the mapping and add new fields.

So when new code is being deployed in an environment, there might be the need for a bunch of changed entities to have the fields remapped (due to new fields coming in)

To do this, the following functionality would be filling in that requirement:

1- Have the 'Refresh entity list' process let the user confirm whether or not to delete existing entity info instead of not touching it and have it regenerate the mapping where needed.

2- OR, Have a button to do generate mappings on all of the entities (again with the option to keep existing mappings or start from scratch)

Additionally, having an option to specify a list of entities and export their mappings, would also enable people to keep aside custom entity mappings.
Category: Data Management
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