It seems that you cannot split PO lines of an intercompany order when you create a voyage in the Landed Cost module (D365 F&O). This makes this module unworkable as most of our supply comes in via intercompany PO.

I cannot find the logic in not allowing a partial shipment. Not all PO's are supplied in full at the same time, this goes for intercompany PO's as well. Suggest to ensure that you can split intercompany PO lines, similar as to non-intercompany PO lines.


"Voyage creatorCan not split line number 3 of purchase order PO-XXXX because it is an intercompany order. Please create voyage for the full quantity."

The error occurs when purchase order lines are added to a voyage, but the quantity is less than the PO line. For example, the PO line was for 75pc, in the voyage/shipment there are only 25 loaded (50pc will come later). The line cannot be added with a partial quantity.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason: 

  • Landed Cost uses delivery schedule logic to split purchase order (none intercompany PO) lines when create/update shipping containers.
  • Delivery schedule function does not supported in the intercompany scenario with below reasons:
    • When IC SO line is being processed, at this stage you cannot cancel Qty or remove the IC PO line or any other actions that can cause Qty mismatch. You have to proceed with the processing of the IC PO exactly in the same way it was processed for SO. Since IC SO and PO are highly coupled together, system always make sure that it matches 1:1. 
    • When you try to use Delivery schedule on the PO, the system tries to cancel the initial purchase line and create new purchase lines. When cancelling the initial purchase line, the system tries to sync changes with SO and tries to do the same on IC SO, but since IC SO has been processed you cannot do so. If  system allow that, IC PO and IC SO will not be longer in sync and financial discrepancies will be encounter later on.


Roger Sa

PM, Microsoft