In Dynamics 365 for finance and operations, there is an ability to setup the workflow and escalate if needed.

In the current design, the users can only select to escalate the workflow to the following options:

Hierarchy, Workflow user and users.

If users are using the Work Item queue, they would like to be able to escalate the workflow to a specific queue instead.

This option is currently not available in the application and will be nice to see as part of the standard workflow feature.

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Can I get some comments about what "escalate the workflow to a specific queue instead" means in terms of configuration and desired user experience? How is escalating to a hierarchy not the same as escalating to a queue?



I agree...I realise work item queues only work for Review tasks - not Approval tasks...but the requirement to Escalate is still the same ie. we assign an invoice to a team for review - if no-one accepts the invoice for review within say 48 hours we would like to Escalate to another specified team

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