In many instances, a customer calls into a call center for an issue. If it meets an SLA condition, the clock starts. Many customers have SLAs for First Response (Case), arrival and resolution. In many instances, Arrival KPI / SLA begins on first call, not when the Work Order is converted from a case (it would be when the case was logged). Example would be: some troubleshooting is performed remotely / over the phone. Nothing works so now we have to send a tech onsite. It would be great to have a optional function (turn on or off like a system setting): convert to work order with SLA - this means the timer on the case would stop, once converted to a WO, but the SLA on the Work Order would be inherited from the case itself, not start over.

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Thanks for sharing this idea.

As it is currently described, it seems like you these are still Case specific SLAs (the Case is where these things would be tracked an owned. What it sounds like you're really suggesting is passing back some specific time stamps based on the related work orders or related work order bookings.

Effectively, it sounds like you want to be able to fail or succeed certain types of SLAs at the Case level based on WO events.

Is that correct? If not, perhaps you can describe an example in enough detail to help me better understand the ask.



Jason Cohen, PM,