This has bothered me for years. When you upgrade GP using GP Utilities it automatically attempts to update SSRS. If you happen to use SSRS but don't want the standard list of GP SSRS reports watch out! The only solution I've found is to remove the GP SSRS reference path and restore it after the upgrade. It would be much easier if the SSRS update was it's own option on the GP Utilities menu - like creating the sample company or updating forms and reports. It would also be nice to know what Utilities is doing in this step and have more control. Once it's done upgrading company data and starts on this task all you see is a blank GP Utilities window until it's done. When it finds something it considers an "error" and can't deploy the reports I've had to resort to terminating GP Utilities, as clicking Cancel causes it to keep trying. If you have multiple companies this becomes a tedious set of clicks to bail on the process. It's simply easier to kill it.

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We will look into this for a future release. Thank you

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft 



Couldn't agree more with that one !
It's been driving me crazy that every time GP Utilities is done with a company upgrade, it starts right away with the Excel & SSRS deployment, without even asking if that is OK..
How many times were reports re-deployed in the case of a TEST server environment replication just because the configuration is still pointing to the original location ?
When creating a new company in GPU, at least it asks at the end of the process if you want to deploy Excel & SSRS reports, why can't this be one over the course of a regular company upgrade ?

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