There is still a lot of ambiguity in the definition of a lead:

  • older version of Dynamics CRM: unqualified data that has to be checked

Current version of Dynamics CE: a potential opportunity

This implies the following:

  • Qualified = the marketing lead was converted into a sales opportunity
  • Disqualified = the marketing lead was not converted into a sales opportunity

BUT what do you do with a lead

  • that you do not want to convert into an opportunity
  • BUT you do want to generate an account (and contact - if not yet generated by D365 Marketing)

Currently you need to "Qualify" it in order to convert or generate the account and/or contact record but this would give it an incorrect status.

Ideally, it would be possible to disqualify leads but to indicate an account and/or contact needs to be created out of it

(=prospect account which will be followed-up later by a sales rep or by Marketing).

Category: Lead Management