Microsoft links an incoming email automatically to the first account it notices in CRM with the corresponding email address as it is their opinion that an email address is a unique item in accounts. We don’t share this opinion as several accounts could use the same email address. For instance father and mother could use the same family email account but in our case each could have their own insurance policies. When the email comes in and notices a dual use of an email address we should be able to connect the email to the proper account. Hope you share my view and give me the vote up.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason: Accounts and Contacts are modeled to have unique email address, and hence duplicate record detection is auto-triggered whenever you try to save a contact with previously existing contact's email address. 


PM, Microsoft.



Hi Vamsi,

This model is not relevant to University use cases or many others. If exact matches could be assumed based on email addresses then why would any user ever need more complex matching rule, and why do many of your clients use Unify and other products to get even more complex with duplicate detection? This assumption removes the need for GUIDs or any other form of unique identifier. How can anyone think that every contact or account is unique based on just email address?


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