Retail staff want to get visibility of a store's contact phone number within POS.

It seems like the logical place to do this would be on the location details screen, accessed from (e.g.) the Inventory lookup form by clicking on Show store location button.

Here we see a location map, store name, address, opening hours, virtually everything you'd want to know about the store, so this logically would be where the phone number should be displayed.

  • a staff member has the customer standing in front of them
  • they have no stock
  • they've done an inventory lookup and found a store(s) with stock of the item
  • they wish to call that store to confirm they really have the item

It seems odd to surface so much other information about the store, but not this.

Would seem fairly easy to display any contact information record of type Phone, that is Primary, from the Operating unit, with little or no CSU modification, and only having to enhance the POS screen.

Ideas Administrator

This suggestion has been implemented and available with 10.0.40 version. 



This looks awesone!

Category: Channel management