Customer creates Purchase requisition and completes the approval cycle. Automatic purchase order is created, now customer wants the purchase order to get auto confirmed as soon it is created as the budget gets consumed when PO gets confirmed.

We suggested them to use the PO confirmation batch job, but customer is not comfortable with that as the batch job runs at scheduled time and also PO have multiple levels of approval and by the time a PO gets confirmed, there is a chance that a new PR gets created, approved and a new PO gets created and user can manually confirm the second PO. Hence, the first PO which still waits for the batch job to run to get confirmed, will have no budget to consume as the budget gets consumed by the second PO. Consider below demo:

Budget = 100$
PR1 created and Approved for 100$
PO1 auto crated for 100$
PO1 waits for batch job to run to get confirmed.
The budget 100$ is still available to get consumed.
Another user created PR2.
PO2 is auto created.
User manually confirms PO2.
Budget gets fully consumed at PO2.

Ideally, PO1 was created first, hence the budget should be consumed at PO1 as per customer requirement.

so the request is to have a option of auto confirm the PO in PO workflow level
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