We would like to be able to override the 'New' behavior in the webclient. From within a list page containing all kinds of 'Orders', users can create new orders / edit orders. However, we've introduced some kind of 'order templates' that show an order via different types of pages (basic order / extended order / import order / export order / ...) each having their own set of fields. When creating an order, users first needs to selected an 'order template' (runmodal list), before the actual order page is shown. When the order page is shown, it should open in new mode.

The same applies when opening an order card. The CardPageID is not sufficient, since it depends on the order template. However, this could be managed via the PageManagement codeunit.
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The concept of 'subforms' or 'page variants' is actually done pretty well by NetSuite who consider it a primary user experience selling point.

They even have the intelligence to understand that as you flow down a value-chain the page variants are derives. So an import purchase order will result in a import posted invoice and so on. I found this especially great to differentiate between sundry purchase invoices and more complex documents.

In my experience that ability to conditionally show and hide fields would greatly benefit Business Central. Too much reliance is put on collapsible sections and priority, rather than helping businesses simplify in a given context.

Category: Financial Management