You are unable to print multiple records for 1 report for different customers.

Go to the Sales Orders.
Find orders that have the same value in a/multiple field(s) from different customers and Filter on it/them.
“Salesperson Code” = ‘KS’ and “Document Date” = '01/05/18..'

Now we want to print the order confirmation for these orders.

Observe the reports
Only the first selected order is printed.

It seems like the report doesn't take the filters on the requestpage in account.
However it does, but before that all the orders are already filtered on the selected record to apply the custom report layouts for that customer.

Make it possible to print multiple reports from different customers.

(perhaps an extra loop around the customer report layout functionality to apply for multiple different customers?)

MS Call 118101819242689
Discovered on NAV2018CU8-BE = 11.0.23572.0
But also fails on BC BE Dynamics NAV 13.0 (25789)
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be a product bug. Please reach out to the relevant support channels as specified in Product Support
Ivan Koletic​
PM, Microsoft ​



> Thank you for reaching out. Your suggestion seems to be a product bug. Please reach out to the relevant support channels as specified in Product Support.

Perhaps you haven't read the description completely, but I already logged a MS Call: 118101819242689!
They suggested to post this on ideas!

(responding late, cause we don't get any updates on ideas by mail/notification ...)

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I did: MS Call 118101819242689
The respond was: 'By design'
(the o-so beloved, ever-so useful answer...)

Full reply:
(on us ranting about why isn't this fixed. Loss of functionality compared tor previous versions etc.)

Thanks for your mail.
I perfectly understand your point of view.

And you are right, other Partners have reported it and this is ,why I have been able to provide this answer so quickly as Product Team already had an official position on it coming from those support requests.
Their answer is this is by design and they will not change this.

Your suggestion could perfectly fit in the ideas webpage, where you, as a Partner, can directly contact Product Team and perform suggestions to be added in the application:

There, you can place suggestions that are voted by other Partners and that are addressed directly by Product Team
If you log this one I will make sure o give you my vote and I am sure many other Partners and Customers will also be interested on having this implemented.
I hope this helps and please let me know if you place this there so I can add my vote.

Category: Reports and Business Intelligence