The newly released (with GP2018) General Ledger Account Approval workflow is a nice feature add, however it appears that the associated Navigation List is missing.

For example in purchasing, I have a Navigation List for Vendors containing "Vendors Not Submitted" & "Vendors Pending Approval" and also have similar navigation lists for Payables Transactions, Purchase Order Transactions, Purchase Requisition Transactions, etc... However in Financial, I only have the list for General Ledger Batches and nothing for General Ledger Accounts.

Without such a list, it is difficult to determine the workflow status of GL accounts. Please add a workflow navigation list for the new GL Account Approval workflow.
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Thank you for your suggestion. From your description, we believe this functionality is already available under the Accounts Navigation List in Finacials. List views have been created for Accounts Not Submitted and Accounts Pending Approval.  Because there was an existing navigation list, we did not have to add a new navigation list to display the workflow status. This is by design.  

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Ok, I can see the list views you mention on a fresh install of GP2018, but on a different system that was upgraded from GP2016R, I do not see it. So I am guessing this may only be an issue with this particular install. Thanks

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