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Currently we have the design where users cannot use the movement by template option to move the quantity which is reserved. user can movement option.
but this may lead to errors by the users.we can avoid few if we can have the movement by template option.

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Hi Team, I comment adding the business impact as asked by Mr Pradeep Govindaraju.

Tipical situation:

-warehouse receives the item. Note: without usage of purchase receive from mobile device APP but with arrival journal posting. in this way, that is quite raccomanded by me if vendors are not able to identify goods with purchase order and itemid in barcode format, the item is free and not reserved by the purchase put away work.

-a load is created and relesed to warehouse , reserving the item in its arrival location

-the put away is performed later with movement by template work, by others warehouse workers. But in this case to move the whole quantity (also reserved by the work created from load release) only a movement work can be used. The movement by template can consider only the unreserved quantity.

The impact depends on how many load (or in general pick works) are created before stocking and how fast the warehouse is able to stock the incoming goods.

the options now open are:
-I don't stock the whole licence plate with consequence that the arrival location becames full
-I split the licence plate and stock in the suggested location the unreserved quantity with consequence of loosing time and augmenting the space occupied
-I use the movement without template and leave to the warehouse worker the possibility to choose the location freely. This is the current best option for me, but in certain cases it is not accepted nor suggested by best practise (immagine an explosive good that must be stocked in a proper location).

At disposition for any further question or explanation.
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