Hi, next to adding goals and competencies, customers are asking for the ability to add the job/position skills, available on the job/position an employee is assigned to, to the review. In this way there is already a checkpoint to see if additional development is needed or not in order for the employee to execute their job

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Thank you for your suggestion. We’re considering this functionality for a future release.  This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.



I had a client request this for a demo. OOB the box you could use competencies to create them manually and make sure they have the exact name as skills or courses and then use flow to duplicate them over. One of the things that service industries does pretty regularly is ask the consultants to review and update the skills. This particular client requested check box, which I don't think is robust enough; but, if you could create a review template that had all relevant skills in it and they can rate themselves on the skill and then the manager can rate them on the skill that would be useful. Then ideally, those skills would be added to the worker after the review is finished.

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