Microsoft, please imagine such situation:

1) you have done "Settle and post sales tax" for February 2022,

2) you have prepared JPK_VDEK for February 2022 and have sent it to Tax Authorities in POL,

3) you received from Tax Authorities a note that they told you to remove some documents from JPK_VDEK for February 2022 and put to March (or other period - it is only an example)

The easiest way from my point of view would be:

a) reversal of "Settle and post sales tax" for February 2022

b) changing VAT due date for some documents

c) creating new Tax settlement for February 2022

d) creating correction of JPK_VDEK for February 2022

Why we cannot prepare only corrections for that documents? :

  • corrections will have different numbers than original invoices (Tax authority said you have to remove pointed documents, not to prepare new corrections)
  • sales corrections should be sent to customer (but customer can disagree with that and refuse to accept them)
  • Sales orders corrections can be extremely complicated and hard to prepare

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in period 02/2022 you have:

Original tax settlement (version = 0)

Second tax settlement (version = 1)

Third tax settlement (version = 2)

Reversal could be simple to do

1) reverse GL voucher,

2) change versions for all documents from reversed settlement to Version = 3

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