In Outlook Desktop application, if we create a new appointment and link it with any of the lead/contact/account, it syncs well with CRM and a record for an appointment is created. However, in this case, if the user creates another appointment from the ribbon button ‘Add Appointment’, another appointment for the same contact gets created without getting any warning about the existing appointment for the same time. Hence, user should be able to hide the ‘Add Appointment’ button from the command bar.

Following options have been tried but we could not hide the button:
• Remove Activity and Appointment entities from Dynamics 365 for Outlook app in the model driven app section in the solution, - it didn’t work.
• Check the button from Ribbon Workbench which could be hid but it is not available there,
• Exported the solution that contained entity having that button so that the button code could be commented from customizations.xml and imported back, but the customization.xml file did not have its definition.
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