It is quick and easy way to find company item number v.s. vendor item number.

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Thank you for your feedback.

We need some more details to understand your suggestion better.

Can you please help us clarify the business scenario(s), where you would need access to the vendor item number from the Released product details form?

Who is the typical user of this information, and what are they doing when they need this information?



Søren Vagn Andersen, Principal Program Manager




our scenario for this request - our customers are referencing an OEM drawing of their equipment and they reference the Part Number in the equipment manual as opposed to our internal number (it would be most beneficial to be able to create the SO or PO using the external item number as opposed to our internal number for this reason).

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Hi Soren,

Just came across this post. I feel this is a good idea from Kate. In my organisation the vendor number is typically different to the company item number. The vendor number is preferred to appear on the PO to the vendor than the company item number. Currently there's ability to provide this information by setting up an external item description on the purchase tab of the released product details form. However, I find this placement odd. It would be ideal for this field to appear below the Supplier field in the Purchase Fast Tab. It should update itself based on the selected supplier as the vendor number can differ between suppliers.

Hope this makes sense,



Category: Product Information Management