In Poland we have a requirment to show on invoice what was before and after credit note. With than in polish legal entity, we are creating credit notes with negative and positive lines for each item. This kind of design require to involve inventory movement which should not be done if there is price change (or discount was granted) only. In such scenario this is only a price credit note without item return. With current design the items are returned to stock and taken back to sales order, but it's not necessary. Customers are using partial numbers and serial numbers with the automatic reservation, so for the retail industry it makes very difficult to accept current design. It would be good to change current design and do not involve inventory/stock in case of sales price correction.

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Dasani Madipalli - Program Manager - Microsoft Dynamics for SCM



Very Good Idea!

I can add, that according to Polish accouting rules, all postings have to represents real transactions. And inventory movement which takes place during price credit notes has nothing to do with real items movements. The same is when we correct tax value (tax item group or tax group value).

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