Our customer would like to create a workflow that checks for specific department values for their Vendor Invoices. They are entering the account distributions by going to Financials | Distribute amounts for each of the lines in the Pending vendor invoice form (Accounts Payable | Invoices | Pending Vendor Invoices)

The customer would like to setup a Vendor Invoice workflow that has a condition for a specific department value that was entered in the Distribute Amounts form.

They do not want to create a Vendor Invoice line workflow and they would like all the verifications done via the Vendor Invoice workflow (header).

We have already tested using the following Department fields:
Purchase order lines.LedgerDimensionDepartment

Accounting Dimension.Ledger dimension.department

All the default Department fields

This functionality is currently not available in D365 and our customers would like to request to have this feature as this is needed for their Business processing
Category: Workflow
Needs Votes