Wish there is an option to easily identify missing job titles, and easily associate potential tasks or action task (e.g. delegations, approvals, action issues, tasks, job evaluations performances, or other) for purpose to potentially justify new eligible job title hirings.

Not featuring supporting potential facts to a potential new eligible job title, we may not easily visualize legal entity needs, justifications for new hirings due to potential facts (e.g. missing talent, company growth, incorrect task workflow delegations, incorrect RPA robotic process automation decision making compliance, standard issues, time or task metrics or reporting, etc...)
Ideas Administrator

 Thank you for your suggestion. After careful consideration, we’ve decided not to proceed with this functionality at this time as using Personnel actions has a reason code associated to the hire and recruit actions. This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights.



REMARK: For example customer service specialist, product owners, etc..

Category: Organization management