Currently, if you examine the Recurrence Settings XML, the dates are just dates. That's inconsistent with the rest of the product, where dates are date/times. Trying to create Recurrence Settings via workflow fails because the date as dynamically set via Workflow is set as a date/time and there does not appear to be any way to strip the time from the date. Recurrence Settings should instead accept Date/Time fields as the rest of the product does; then workflow-set recurrence settings wouldn't fail.

Category: Field Service
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for sharing your idea.

Unfortunately, we don't think this idea is something we can support as it would likely be disruptive to current users, would require significant rework and reengineering, and is of questionable broader value given the limited votes and that this isn't an ask we've heard from other customers up to now.

Regardless, we're excited that you're using the Field Service product and love getting these kinds of informed, detailed asks from users who have been hands-on with the application. Please keep them coming.


Jason Cohen

PM, Microsoft