Against an inbound shipment, route rates for landed costs can be added in the currency that those costs will be received. When the inbound shipment is confirmed, the route rates are written as charges to the PO line, but the charges are written in the currency of the PO rather than the currency that the route rates were added to the shipment. When the PO is invoiced, the postings to the shipment cost accrual account are in a different currency than the postings created when the freight invoices are processed. This makes reconciliation of the shipment charges accounts impossible, due to a) different currencies used on the 2 different postings, b) normal exchange rate movements between the 2 postings. If the currencies were the same on both postings, this would simplify postings for reconciliation purposes.

Need charges written to PO in the currency that they are captured in the route rate details form

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Great idea

Category: Transportation Management