Releasenotes of major Releases can be found on LCS. In order to review usefullness and impact of a monthly update content must be known. However at the moment only separate KB articles have a desciption of the content of it. The monthly update only states that it "Contains all application (X++) changes for the App Update 8.0.1 release." (for example), futher details like KB articles belonging to it (only title can be sufficient as a start) and short description of fixes where no separate KB article exists are needed.

Ideas Administrator

 Thank you for your feedback.

We released this feature as part of the functionality in April 2019 as part of the ONE version features. LCS will now surface an announcement when a new release is made available along with a link to the whats new documentation. In addition, there is a new feature that will enable you to gauge the impact of the changes in the form of an impact analysis report. It will compare your usage against the areas where the maximum code churn is to tell you the areas where you need to focus your testing in.

Please refer to the following link for more information.