In the financial dimensions value, it is possible to create a value and mark this value to calculate from a range of other dimension values. This looks exactly as using Main Account Totals accounts.
In Financial Reporter designer, these total dimension values appear and can be selected in the same way as Main account totals can.
However, no data is retrieved in financial reporter for these.
I have logged a ticket with MS and was advised that this is as designed? It would be great if the totalling tables were sent to Financial Reporter.
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Thank you for the suggestion. I've verified that this indeed is a gap in reporting through financial reporting. It looks like totalling financial dimensions don't have their balances integrated or calculated during data integration. So the value is brought over, but not the balances. 

We'll take a look a look at adding this functionality in a future release. Please add votes if this is a feature that we should prioritize. 

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Ryan Sandness, PM


Thank you for your feedback.


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It makes no sense when MS say this is as designed. I've just had the same response on a ticket I've logged. Why would the design be to allow a user to select a dimension total and return no value.

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