Our company just started using the purchase order approval workflow function in GP, and so far it's been fantastic and rock solid.

There is one odd issue, however: in order to give our directors as much information in the approval email as possible (many of them don't use GP or even have it installed on their machines), we've customized the WF ASSIGN PO APPROVAL email message to include document lines. One of the document line columns we're using is the line number info from the PO entry window. In most cases it works fine, numbering things sequentially, but as soon as we start using it for inventoried items, the table in the email starts to sort by the "Item Number" column.

This means that directors are getting PO approvals and the line numbers, for example, from top to bottom, read 3, 14, 6, 1, 2, 5, 4, etc...

It's not the biggest issue in the world, but the directors here have asked that these be sorted by line number.

It would be great if we could decide which document line column to sort these by, and would make all the executives happy!

Thank you!
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