It should be possible to do a datarefresh from Talent Prod to Talent Sandbox. This will also help align the envirornments when Talent Sandbox is integrated to D365 F&O sandbox. If D365 F&O Sanbox is datarefreshed and not Talent Sandbox there will be unconsitant data.

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Copy a Core HR instance feature has been released.  See additional regarding this feature: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/talent/hr-copy-instance



I don't understand the point of having two environments if you cannot easily refresh them. We are struggling with this as well. Likewise, if you have set a bunch of stuff up in TEST and you are ready to go live now, you can't easily move things from TEST to PROD.

These types of requests exist in LCS for F&O and they should exist for Talent as well.

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