This is just a general discussion around the loyalty system in D365FO.

As I have now been doing several integrations to other loyalty systems here in Norway, I find the loyalty system in D365FO is not following the general trend here. The focus is still on accumulating points and using that as a payment later and having a loyalty card to identify the customer. It's more or less the same thing I was seeing more than 20 years ago.

- Waiting for a reward, is something that people are less and less interested inn. It's more about here and now.

- Knowing the customer - (Machine Learning) is more and more important.
Have offers that are specially for that particular customer/group of similar customers to attract the customer into the store again. Often as coupons for specific items connected to a specific customer.

- Discounts that stresses over several transactions (really a variations of a M&M were thing happen in the same transaction). Buy 4 and get the 5th free.

- First time loyalty registration offers, to attact the customer to join the loyalty program.

- Identifying the customer - Avoid plastic loyalty cards that the customer has to carry around. Identify either by an app, phone numbers or by a "token" that is linked to a payment card.

- Employee discounts - handeld as part of the discounts in the loyalty systems.

- Electronic receipts. Giving the customer to have an electronic overview of the customers receipts. Is also connected to guaranties and returns. Seeing the receipts journal in POS based on the customer and not all customers.

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